Leadership Development

Executive Coaching
"Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself" Bennis

Executive coaches support leaders to reflect on and learn from their leadership, in order to realise their potential and achieve better outcomes.

CLE's executive coaches are engaged by leaders who want to  position their leadership, develop strategic insights, achieve influence, lead change, acquire political nous, refine their decision making, use power more effectively, gain emotional intelligence, manage conflict and dissent, build resilience and more skilfully occupy their leadership role. 

Our executive coaches help leaders achieve congruence and clarity about their goals and cultivate their capacity to engage with the forces that disturb and frustrate their leadership.  Moving beyond a level of mere reaction to organisational challenges, our clients come to regard them as an impetus to new insights, learning and action and so are better equipped to influence their environment.

Coaching can be a rare opportunity to reflect confidentially on your experience, assumptions, mindset and behaviours.  Executive coaching is the best strategy we know of to build your resourcefulness and resilience in leadership.