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From the moment I landed at the airport in January my phone began to make a strange sound.  Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping.  I vaguely recalled the sound, but I’d also never heard it before.  At least not like this. The sounds I was hearing were the VicEmergency warnings for the 100km radius I had nominated as my watchzone.  The days that followed my arrival back in Australia, were no different, endless high pitch warnings.  My partner was permanently tuned to the ABC national broadcaster, that had taken on the role of constantly updating the community on fire warnings.

Anxiously waiting for the next news broadcast or emergency warning has been like being on a collective roller-coaster.

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Conflict Management Coaching

Our four day training program introduces participants to the CINERGY® Conflict Coaching model and the Not-So-Merry-Go-Round of conflict which is central to developing insight and change. With a focus on experiential learning participants become skilled in facilitating others in a process of change.


2 - 5 March 2020

24 - 27 March 2020


31 March - 3 April 2020

6 - 9 April 2020