Leadership Development

Our Foundational Programs


Transitions in Leadership  
For those leading in a new role or organisation, this program engages leaders in a situational analysis of the unique opportunities and developmental challenges in their new environment.  It asks leaders to re-examine the secrets of their past success and make a fresh call on what is required in the current business and cultural environment.  The Transitions program supports the development of new networks, the creation of channels of influence and strengthens line management relationships.  

Emerging Leaders
This program is for those contemplating leadership.  Participants explore a range of leadership functions and behaviours while assuming project or other leadership responsibilities.   Content areas include strategic alignment and agenda setting, influencing skills, change leadership, engaging others, challenging conversations, power and authority in leadership, negotiation and conflict management.  Emerging Leaders is an opportunity to develop skills and confidence in the leadership arena. 

Reading the Signals in Leadership
Reading The Signals introduces a powerful framework for harnessing the potential found not only in the organisational vision but in organisational challenges and disruptions such as unrest, complaints, failures and conflict. 
In Module 1 participants will learn to identify early signals of change and the values and passions that drive change.  They will identify the factors that maintain the status quo and address dynamics that limit an organisation, team or individual's capacity for change. 
Module 2 examines the impact of power and rank dynamics on communication, decision making and change capability, while Module 3 develops skills for dealing with diverse opinions, dissent and conflict.  Throughout this program participants will learn about themselves as a model and instrument of change.
Reading The Signals introduces organisational leaders, organisational development and HR practitioners to a Process Oriented approach to leading and facilitating organisations, teams and communities.

The Leadership Sabbatical
The Leadership Sabbatical is an enquiry into the essence of your leadership.  It is an invitation to connect with your guiding myth and mission and to discover what authentic and resilient leadership mean to you. 
This powerful experience explores the crucible in which your leadership has emerged: the dynamic forces that act on you, both as a leader and an individual.   The Leadership Sabbatical offers a rare opportunity to reflect with others on how you engage with the promise and trials of leadership.  It is an invitation to engage deeply with these forces, drawing on them as source of impetus, strength and direction in your leadership. 
Held over five days, The Leadership Retreat is an opportunity to revitalise and invigorate your leadership.