WORLDWORK: Facilitating Diversity In The World, In The Room & In The Moment
Handout from presentation to OD World Summit, Oregon 2015 

Members of an organisation have divergent interests, values and perceptions, making interactions between each other dynamic and complex. This diversity often reflects the challenges within the larger society, not only on issues of position and rank, but also economics, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, personal history and more. Sometimes the challenges of diversity are expressed; but more often are felt in the non-verbal behaviour, attitudes and overall atmosphere.

This handout is from a presentation for the International Organization Development Association OD Summit in Oregon in 2015. It highlights research and theory in applying a group facilitation method known as WorldworkWorldwork is a powerful tool for working with complex organisational dynamics, supporting diverse voices to be heard and creating awareness about the effect of our subtle biases and unconscious use of rank and power.


Tools and resources for conflict resolution support:

When invite you to view and draw on the following resources to support you and your team. Resources available include worksheets for mapping conflicts, tips on how to manage conflict, planning frameworks for holding challenging conversations, ways to address conflict, patterns of conflict escalation and de-escalation etc. 


Challenging Conversations 

Are you avoiding a challenging conversation? Mapping the elements of the conversation for yourself and the other party will help support your understanding. It is important not to get stuck on considering only the issue. Rememebering the relationship, the identity and the power elements of the conversation will feed into the likely success of the conversation.

Role Analysis

Performance is significantly enhanced when employees and their managers are clear about their roles and responsibilities. 
While position descriptions are a starting point the process of discovering ones role in the context of current business priorities and potential change in organisational environments requires exploration and discussion. Use this worksheet to assist in the facititation of role conversations or as a worksheet to guide your thinking.​


The Grit In the Oyster - Blog 

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The Grit In The Oyster is an exploration of the challenges in organisational life that most of us find testing. These challenges range from so-called negative experiences such as conflict, complaints, dealing with staffing issues or the spectre of failure, to more tantalising endeavours such as achieving our organisational vision or connecting deeply with our mission - bringing the best out in our staff and realising our own personal potential.

The Grit In The Oyster is filled with blog articles and guided reflections to assist your thinking. 

Recently we have been exploring the need to develop our confidence in the use of power to assist and more fully embrace our leadership. We invite you to join us on this journey. 


All of these resources are designed for you to complete at your own leisure. If you would like to discuss any of these concepts in more detail contact one of our consultants today.