The Promise Transformation Retreat

A six-day residential retreat program held in Provence

The Promise of Transformation explores the dynamic nature of deep change in individuals, organisations and society.  Equipping leaders, mediators, organisational development practitioners and coaches to discover the essential pattern that lies just beneath the surface, this retreat prepares you to guide and accompany others on the transformational journey.

Whether transformation is prompted by a new vision, changing priorities or painful conflict, it disrupts our lives, requiring us to enter the unknown.  As we approach this point of transition, ‘the edge’, life seems chaotic. Anxiety is high, conflict breaks out and we want to go back.  At this critical point, insight into the deeper story or process of change is essential. Without it organisations churn, leaders lose faith and individuals turn against each other.

Based on the theory and principles of Processwork (or Process Oriented Psychology), this program cultivates you ability to track the signals of transformation in conversations, organisational culture, unexpected disruptions, crises and conflicts.  When understood, these signals act as signposts revealing the pattern underlying deep transformation. Akin to the DNA of each organisation, partnership or individual’s change process this pattern holds critical information for the growth and development of that system.

Exploring the correlation between change, uncertainty and conflict, The Promise of Transformation will prepare you to harness the dynamic forces of transformation.  You will learn how to access the power and potential within visions, uncertainty and conflict and develop a sense of confidence and ease in engaging these forces to deepen the transformational journey rather than derail it.

In Brief

Day 1:  Identity, Visions and Disturbances                                    
Day 2:  Working with Edges                                                         
Day 3:  Diversity, Power & Rank                                                     
Day 4:  Free Day                                                                                 
Day 5:  Roles, Teams and Systems        
Day 6:  Integration                        

This retreat fosters learning through interaction and experience, in addition to the introduction of new ideas, concepts and frameworks.

The Promise of Transformation program is held in Provence, in a rural environment which lends itself to reflecting on your professional practice in the context of nature and history.  Partners are welcome to join you on this residential retreat.

For further information

Request further information about the The Promise of Transformation  program.  Or call us on +61 403656063. 

This program is also offered in-house.

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