Power Diversity and Rank

Power Diversity and Rank

CLE Consulting Australia offers a unique specialisation in the dynamics of power and rank in the workplace.  We foster insight into the ways leaders and employees sometimes fail to use their personal power or misuse their authority under pressure.  CLE is committed to cultivating the conscious use of power by leaders and employees.

The effective use of power and rank shapes organisational culture.  CLE assists organisations to understand the impact of power and rank dynamics on organisational communication, knowledge transfer, performance, conflict and the bottom line.  We are often invited to facilitate forums in which power and rank differences may significantly impact outcomes.

We assist organisations committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace to understand how unconscious rank and taken-for-granted privileges act as barriers to greater participation in the workplace.

Bullying, discrimination and harassment reflect limited insight into rank dynamics and poor use of power.  CLE has developed the 4I's model which emphasises insight, identity, intent and impact as a way of exploring these issues.  Our complaint handling programs offer HR practitioners and managers a deeper understanding of how to address the dynamics behind issues.

CLE provides a range of education programs and interventions to address bullying, discrimination and harassment in the workplace including conflict coaching, management coaching and team interventions.