"The end of learning is action, not knowledge" - Peter Honey

The CLE Approach to Learning Program Design

At CLE we view learning as an ongoing process rather than as just as an event.

When working with you to conceive a learning program we will consider a range of factors in order to maximise the impact and sustainability of the program.

In consultation with you we will determine the outcomes and results that you would like to achieve both short and long term.

During the program design process we will consider the elements within your current learning and performance architecture to maximise integration and use with your existing systems.

The CLE Approach to Evaluation of Learning 

At CLE we would like to support you to report on the outcomes and results that are important to you.

Our evaluation methodology uses the New World Kirkpatrick model that integrates with the Robert O. Brinkerhoff Success Case Method.

Creating a Chain of Evidence

During the design phase we will work with you to develop the best possible evaluation strategy that will provide a sound chain of evidence that will enable meaningful data collection and support the gathering  of the success stories of the program.