Facilitating Change

Facilitating Change
"Every new truth for a time caused mischief." Henry Thomas Buckle

Change comes from the alignment of purpose, passion, people and practice.  It requires strong leadership, a compelling vision, congruent strategy and buy-in; along with new mindsets and learning.

Our consultants facilitate change and strategic planning forums that enable organisations to build a shared vision and explore the shifts in identity and organisational culture that are called for.  

We work with leaders to develop their change leadership skills. In times of radical transformation we help divisions, teams and individuals address the challenges of change, develop resilience and discover a renewed curiosity and appetite for change.

CLE offers expertise in designing and implementing culture change initiatives.

Our methods include Process Work, Worldwork, Deep Democracy, Backcasting, Strategic Questioning, Open Space and Forum Theatre

CLE's change facilitation services and programs include:

  • Executive and organisational retreats
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic conversations
  • Designing and implementing culture change programs
  • Team building
  • Stakeholder engagement and public forums
  • The 'Inhabiting your vision, mission and values' program