About Us

CLE Consulting Australia's multi-disciplinary team combines the expertise of organisational development, learning and development, alternative dispute resolution, psychology and psychotherapy, OH&S and legal professionals.

The breadth and depth of our team's experience enables a flexible fit between the unique demands of each organisation and our practitioner's expertise and skill.

We offer specialist knowledge in leadership development, organisational and cultural change power in the works and managing workplace diversity, bullying and harassment.

Our Consultants

Rho Sandberg



M.Org Change and Conflict Facilitation USA, M.Cognitive.Sc. B.App.Sc. Dip.Couns

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
Organisational Culture Change
Conflict Management, Team and Power Dynamics
Coach and Advanced OD Practitioner Training

Synthesising her experience as an organisational development consultant, executive coach and mediator Rho introduces dynamic approaches to working with individuals, teams and large groups that meet clients ‘where they’re at’. Committed to following the client’s needs and experience, rather than relying on static methods and techniques, she has a forensic interest in the transformative process in action.

Before working in the fields of leadership development and conflict facilitation, Rho’s early career in neuroscience and neurological rehabilitation, highlighted our human potential for resilience and the cognitive, social and emotional dimensions of learning and decision making. Through her studies in process oriented psychology, she deepened this capacity and developed approaches to working with change that find their roots in Jungian psychology, role and systems theory. Rho draws on these learnings to assist leaders and practitioners to cut through the ‘white noise’ of organisational life and change initiatives.   

Kate Tucker

Director of Learning


Post Grad.Dip. Organisation Change and Consulting, B.A. Organisational Behaviour

Areas of Expertise

Leadership & Management Development
Organisation change and transformation
Executive Coaching
Facilitation of group processes
Organisational Engagement

For over twenty years, Kate Tucker has provided organisational development consultancy both as in house specialist and as an external consultant. During this time she has worked across the spectrum of sectors and professions in Australia and Asia Pacific. In addition to her expertise in designing and facilitating leadership programs, team effectiveness interventions and coaching services, Kate's expertise lies in large-scale human systems change where she readily connects to people and their context, drawing from a diverse tool box of methodologies to bring about contemporary, practical solutions.

During the past five years, Kate’s programs have received state, national and international recognition (executive education) for both innovation and efficacy. The hallmark of Kate’s  programs are an equal emphasis on enabling personal growth and building participant capability to intervene to strengthen and transform systems.

Julie Walker

Senior Consultant


M.Education; B.SocialWork: B.A. NMAS, AMHSW

Areas of Expertise

Conflict Coaching Practitioner Training
Executive/Management/Conflict Coaching
Organisational Conflict Management Services
Mediation/Conferencing/Facilitation/Team Development

For the past twenty-six years Julie has worked as a conflict management consultant, as a practitioner and trainer in developing conflict management capabilities in managers, ADR practitioners and staff at all levels in a wide range of organisations.

Julie was selected by the developer of the CINERGY Conflict management coaching model as the first Australian Trainer and has since trained many hundreds of people to develop their coaching skills as well as a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of conflict. She has a record of providing excellent conflict management services to individuals, teams and assisting managers to build their confidence, enhance their own and their staff’s performance and enact change more effectively.

Ron Tiffen

Senior Consultant


M. Conflict Resolution and Mediation; M. Social Work; B.A; Nationally Accredited Mediator, Australia

Areas of Expertise

Leadership and management development
Organisational transition and change management
Stakeholder engagement
Policy and service program development, review and evaluation
Mentoring and Coaching for leaders and managers
Facilitated problem solving for groups
Mediation and conciliation
Designing complaint response systems

With more than twenty years at the most senior levels of public sector operational management, Ron has demonstrated outstanding success in delivering effective services and organisation development.

As senior advisor in two state-wide policy and service design areas, Ron has been responsible for designing, reviewing and evaluating major service programs.

Sarah Pant

Senior Consultant


BA (WAAPA Music Theatre), CINERGY Conflict Management Coach, Global Coaching Institute Coach, Adv. Dip App Holistic Psychotherapy, Dip. App. Holistic Counselling, Cert. NLP

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development & Management Coaching
Team Building
Presentation Skills
Conflict Management Coach

A change specialist, organisational development consultant and group facilitator, Sarah brings over thirteen years experience and a conscious creativity to every endeavour.  Her key areas of expertise lie in professional development of emerging leaders, conflict facilitation, and the creative dynamics and process of change.

Through individual and organisational development work, Sarah supports her clients’ capacity to conduct healthy and skilful conversations and engage positively with complex challenges. As a Senior Consultant at CLE, she has trained and coached within the legal, higher education, police and emergency Service sectors, facilitating Coaching and Leadership Development programs across Australia.  Having taught drama early in her career, education remains a strong focus of Sarah’s work.  She has collaborating with the founder of Teachers Empowered in Europe to develop program literature and support practitioners working directly with teachers and principals on leadership, empowerment and emotional intelligence; while in Australia Sarah led a school-based community development program consulted directly with principals, staff, students and local communities for 45 schools across Victoria and Tasmania.